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Prices are BEFORE tax. (8.25%)

Prices are currently being updated, please text for an estimate

Cats Start at                                     120+

Special Handling                           +10-20

Dematting/brushing                     +10-30

Wet Bath and blow dry                 +50

CLICK on the green Excel button. Document may download to a corner of your screen rather than popping up.

Service charges

Prices are BEFORE tax. (8.25%)

Special Handling (Dog)          5 S/M     10 L     15 G

Special Handling (Cat)           10-20

Flea and tick shampoo          10

Brush/Demat/Scissor             5-25

Brush/Demat (Cat)                 10-30

Cancellation fee (<24hrs)      %50 would be appt

No Show fee                            70 per pet

Emergency Fee                       20

Additional Services Available

Prices are BEFORE tax. (8.25%)

Flea and tick treatment            30

Flea and tick spot-on               25

Flea and tick shampoo             10

Deordorize treatment               25

Wet bath and blow dry (Cat)    50


Mixed breed dogs, non AKC, or dogs much different from their AKC breed standard may be placed under a different breed (that they most closely resemble) for pricing purposes only. 


Cats have a starting price which will only increase due to matting, temprament, or add-ons purchased


An automatic $10 fee will be added for pets with fleas. Any matting may result in extra charges which is discussed up front.


Current or retired military or law enforcement personnel may receive $10 off total with VALID ID or badge. ID/badge holder must reside in the household, and must present proof personally at time of service to receive the discount.



      Pet's Envy Mobile Pet Spa


Tuesday- Friday


Holiday hours may vary

TEXT: 972-957-7387

*Servicing City of Allen, TX and contiguous areas. 

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