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Vaccination policy:


Only proof of rabies is required. We highly reccomend other vaccinations to keep your pet healthy. Proof of rabies vaccination must either be the actual papers given by a vet, or verbal confirmation by your vet. Tags are NOT an acceptable form of proof. Some hand written records may not be accepted either. No out of country papers. There is a 2 day waiting period between receiving the shot and when I will groom the pet.


Rabies vaccinations MUST be administered by a licensed veterinarian. 


Vaccination policy

Sedation policy:


We will groom sedated pets. It must be agreed upon by both you and your pet-stylist, and discussed. Please do not sedate your pet without consulting us and your vet. If sedation is determined to be best for your pet then you must speak with your vet to get the proper sedative and dosage. Medications must be given by you. Please give the sedative at least 15 minutes before we arrive (or otherwise if stated by your vet). A special handling fee will apply for sedated pets.

Please note: Sedating pets can be very risky so please consult your vet for any concerns. Also, not all of our groomers are comfortable grooming sedated pets so it is not available to every pet.

Sedation policy

Matted pet policy:


Mats are painful. If shaving your pet is suggested then it is in the best interest of the pet. We believe in "humanity over vanity." When the hair begins to grow back (quicker than you think) we can keep him/her in your desired style with the recommended grooming schedule. Extra charges may be added for mat removal.

Mats can also hide many issues including but not limited to: skin irritation, bruising, hot spots, cuts, sores, bacterial infections, and can even house bugs such as fleas, ticks, lice, and other unwanted creepy crawlies or debris. By shaving the matting off we can find any potential issues and hopefully catch them before they become more serious.


If we believe we can safely brush your pet we will happily do it, but sometimes the pet will not tolerate it. We will inform you of everything. Remember, we want your pet to look great too!   

Matted pet policy

Cancellation policy:


We understand stuff happens that cannot be avoided. Please notify us at least 24 hours before your appointment to let us know you cannot have your pet groomed that day. This allows us to fill the appointment spot with someone who needs their pet groomed too. Cancellations are a big deal for mobile businesses.  If you have an emergency, we do understand. There may be times when something happens to us, and we cannot make your appointment, you just never know (we will let you know asap of course). Habitual cancellations may be billed for the lost appointment and a new appointment will not be made until the balance is paid. This fee is 50% of your total would be grooming cost.

Cancellation policy

No show policy:


Please refer to the cancellation policy if you know you will not be home. We will give you courtesy reminder texts, and can even text when we are on our way to you if you wish. When we arrive, if after 15 minutes you are not there with your pet then we will leave a note on your door. You may be billed for the missed appointment. The fee is $70 +tax per pet. This must be paid before another appointment will be made.  

If you have scheduled an appt for more than one pet, but decide to change the number of pets being groomed, please inform us at least 24hrs in advance. Each pet still takes a certain amount of time, if we allot that time for your pet and you decide to not have it done, that is a time slot lost that could have gone to another pet. Advanced notice gives us a chance to find a replacement. Cancelling a pet in less than 24 hrs (even if we are doing others at your house) falls under our CANCELLATION policy. Informing us when we arrive that a pet will not be groomed (even if others are) falls under our NO SHOW policy.


No show policy

Muzzle policy:


We only muzzle pets if we absolutely have to. There are a few breeds where muzzling can actually be dangerous, and we will not risk their safety to try to perform a service. 

Pre-muzzled pets will not be accepted! If your dog is that aggressive that you feel you need to muzzle him/her before someone comes in the house, then you may be better off taking him/her to a vet to be groomed, or in certain circumstances we can talk about sedation (please refer to the sedation policy).


We do not use muzzles as a corrective tool, we only use them for my safety and or the dog's safety if we feel they may hurt themselves (e.g. biting at the clippers). 



Muzzle policy

Pricing policy:



Prices are all inclusive and cannot be split. Circumstances such as fleas, matting, disabilities, aggression, and any add-ons desired may cause your bill to be higher, but the base prices will stay consistent. Before we begin we will assess your pet and inform you if any extra charges incur. If fees are determined to be added after your pet has been groomed, we will inform you that next time the charges will be added.  (e.g. special handling fees)


We will attempt to perform every service on every pet every time, but some pets just will not allow every service to be performed. We will not stress out your pet or put ourselves in harm's way to get something done. It still takes time and effort to attempt services. Payment is still expected and money will not be taken off if a certain service cannot be performed. 



Pricing policy

Payment policy:


Payment is expected the day of service. Only credit/debit cards accepted for payment. For those who must pay with check, a $25 fee will be added for bounced or returned checks. 

According to the State of Texas, we must collect sales tax (8.25%) 


If we have made arrangements to groom your pet when you are not home, then we can store your credit card information safely and charge it after services. The signature will be signed as "on file" noting that we manually keyed in the information. (Please note that we will only groom the pet when you are not home if we have groomed your pet at least once. That way your pet is familiar with us, and we can guarantee a price for you). 

Authorities may be called for insufficient funds, and may be turned over to the county for collections if invoices remain unpaid.

Payment policy

Discount policy:


The only discount we offer is $10 off total for current or retired military and or law enforcement. A VALID I.D. or badge must be presented by the holder at the time of the appointment. The holder must reside in the household. 

No other discounts are offered. We are well trained, experienced pet-stylists. Every pet still takes a certain amount of time and effort regardless of how many reside in the house. 

      Pet's Envy Mobile Pet Spa


Tuesday- Friday


Holiday hours may vary

TEXT: 972-957-7387

*Servicing City of Allen, TX and contiguous areas. 

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