About the Pet's Envy Pack

Hello, my name is

Megan Anderson...

I am a local girl. I was born and raised in Plano, TX. Currently I live in Allen, TX.  I have a husband, Allen (yes, Allen lives in Allen... it's our favorite joke), and the two greatest little boys you could ever imagine, Ayden and Dylan. Our beloved Husky mix, Skyy, of 14 passed away, but 2 rescues, Rocco and Sylvia, have wiggled their ways into our hearts. Of course family always comes first, but my number one passion in life is pets (that's why I'm in this business). I also enjoy going to movies with my husband, taking my kids places they have never been, and I LOVE good food. Don't let that throw you off because I enjoy working out too. I'm a simple person, and I wanted to start a simple, no hassle business. So, Pet's Envy was born.


I have worked with animals my entire working career since 2003. I started as a cashier at a major corporation. I became intrigued by the whole grooming process and so befriended the groomers. Eventually I moved into the salon as a bather. I was a bather for 9 months before my opportunity came to attend grooming school. After a one month grooming school course and a 100 dog internship I became a (corporate) certified groomer. I have been a groomer ever since. I moved up in the salon to management. I opened a new location, and later was asked by our district manager to help a location that wasn't doing well. I had also been presented the opportunity to become the district's leading salon academy instructor. In the 2 1/2 years that my academy instructor position existed (they later condensed it and changed the program) I trained 40 students.  


I have an extensive knowledge of AKC breeds and styles. I have groomed many of the standard AKC breeds and love learning about new ones whenever I can. I have a great passion for what I do which is why I decided to venture off on my own. I am thankful for everything I have learned from corporate life, mainly how to safely do things, and how to handle fast paces. I did not leave on a bad note, but merely to do things the way I feel they should be done. Too often pets are not receiving services they truly need because salons want to make money off of them. So, they charge outrageous amounts for something that can truly help an animal stay healthy. I am in this for the pets. I want to keep every pet healthy in whatever way I can from brushing teeth to maintaining the coat so they do not become matted. The hussle of a busy salon can also severely impact the personal relationship you build with pets and their parents. That is the part of the job that I love! I love getting to know new people, and being the one that they trust with their four legged family member. Mobile grooming allows me to focus on one pet at a time and one owner at a time. I can build much stonger bonds with pets this way. Every pet lover wants to have all of the pets in the world, well this way, I sort of can! Let me pamper your pet, and even you'll envy them.

Hello, my name is Kayla Hart...

I grew up in Yuma, Arizona and I have lived in the Allen/Mckinney area since about 2014. I really enjoy working out and staying healthy. I also enjoy helping others in whatever way I can, including life coaching, which I am studying to do. Mostly, though, I enjoy spending time with my young family. My son, Damon, is the pride and joy of my life. Like any young kiddo, he definitely keeps me on my toes though. 

I have been grooming since about 2012. I really just kind of fell into this industry by happenstance, and it became something that I felt I was very good at as well as something that brought me pride at the same time. I started working for a corporate store and when I moved back to Texas I contacted Megan A. (who was the Salon Manager at the time) to see about transferring to her store. I worked for her for about 2 years before she went off to start her own adventure (unbeknownst to me at the time). I moved away for a little while, but contacted Megan personally when I was   

Kayla and Damon.JPG

coming back. She then introduced me to the mobile grooming world and I was immediately interested. She asked me to become the other groomer for her second van, so here I am. Mobile grooming gives me more of a sense of fulfillment than shop grooming ever did. I am happy to be a part of this growing company and to contribute to its success! 

Hello, my name is 

Kalyn Hay...

I grew up in Dallas, Texas. My deepest passions in life are (of course) animals, traveling, studying languages, and helping people. I'm currently studying Japanese and Korean. My greatest ambition is to be able to help people all over the world to communicate better in order to build lasting relationships between cultures by crossing the vast mountain that we call a language barrier. I have always found it easiest to communicate with animals because their language is the most universal. They speak love. It is a beautiful language that we can all understand when we care. That's why all over the world people love and care for their pets in the same way. What better way to show my love for them than grooming? I am able to make them feel good, relax, and bond with them through grooming.  Ever since I was young, my mom and I would care for all critters we could whether it be winged, scaly, or furry who needed our help. I also found a piece of myself in horseback riding. I have since, always, felt most myself with any animal. It brings me such joy and warmth to care for animals, knowing that I made their lives more comfortable, and sometimes even saved their lives.

Kalyn pic.JPG

Before venturing to my grooming career, I did a little bit of party and event planning. I decided to apply for a bather position because I saw that one was open, and honestly, just figured I’d like it since I love working with animals. I came to really enjoy my happenstance career! Just as my other pack-members, I started as a bather at a corporate company. I began as a bather in 2016 and after a year was finally given the opportunity to go to grooming school. I worked in the same salon for the first part of my career until Covid 19 unfortunately made it very difficult for salons to stay open due to social distancing. That's when I was very lucky to get an offer for a grooming position with Pet’s Envy. I was thrilled! It was honestly the best news I've had for all of 2020. The obvious sincerity and care for animals that every one here shows is something I noticed immediately. It makes me very happy knowing that this working environment is safer for everyone involved both in general and especially with the pandemic. I, too, have noticed a significant difference in the overall comfort and mental well being of the pets in a mobile grooming environment.  I love mobile grooming and I love seeing people who care for their animals as much as I do. 

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