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Why is mobile grooming better than a regular salon?


Mobile grooming is not for everyone. The truth is a traditional salon could save you a lot of money, but they can also be a big head ache. To help you, here are some pros and cons to mobile grooming. 



Why is mobile grooming better than a regular salon



Private one on one attention 

Done as an express service (in and out quickly).

No trips back and forth to the salon, we come to you.

No waiting for hours for your pet to be ready.

No cages that your pet is put in.

No unmonitored kennel dryers.

No worrisome car rides.

No barking dogs (wonderful thing for cats).

No up and down from tables.

No interrupting phone calls.

No waiting in lines.

Less stress on the pet.

Less anxiety for the concerned pet parent leaving the pet.

Pet parent doesn’t have to leave the house. 

Pet parent doesn't even have to be home.

Soothing music.

Only the best all natural biodegradable products used.

Sanitary environment. 




Price is higher

Strict schedule hard to make random appointment

Strict time frames to keep on a schedule

Usually not a second pair of hands to help

May take a little longer to return phone calls

Why does mobile grooming cost so much more than a regular salon?


We bring an entire full functioning salon (minus the cages of course) to you! It’s the same reason why food delivery costs more than you going and picking it up yourself. They, however, are just delivering something already made. We are performing a service when we get to you so it costs a little more. If the delivery guy brought the kitchen to you and made the pizza in his van at your house, it would cost more too. Also included is everything for the basic health up-keep of your pet. Most places would charge for each little thing, but our prices include all of it, even de-shedding.  The only exceptions are stuff like de-matting, flea and tick treatments, and de-skunking since those are things that are not typical up keep and take extra time to do. Pets with disabilities or behavioral issues may be charged extra as well for the extra time they take to perform services and maintain safety.



Why does mobile grooming cost so much more than a

What do I do if I have a grooming emergency?


Call us and state what you feel is the emergency. Please give all of the necessary information (name, number, pet breed, and address). We will do our best to get you in as quickly as possible, if possible. We simply cannot always move things around to fit in an emergency though. If we can't, we will try to refer you to someone or recommend something for you. We are here for your pet, and want to make sure they are safe and comfortable.  

Emergency appointments must be paid before services are performed. There is a $20 "Emergency fee" that will be added to the normal cost of the pets grooming. Examples of emergencies are (not limited to) Sprayed by a skunk, or covered in painful sticker burrs since those can be very painful.  

What do I do if I have a grooming emergency?

Why do you price the way you do?



Our pricing system is set up to keep your pet healthy. By maintaining a recommended schedule, we can prevent painful matting which may also result in an undesired haircut, we can keep the skin healthier and free of bugs and debris, and you can have the peace of mind knowing that your pet will look great year round. You will never look at him/her and say "Oh it is time for you to get a haircut!" Our prices are kept simple for everyone's convenience. 

Please note: Prices are nonnegotiable. We are well trained professionals, and will always do what is best for the pet. If we feel a service (such as nailgrinding or ear hair removal) is stressing out your pet too much, we may choose to not perform the service. The price will not be discounted because it still took time and effort on our parts to try, but we will let you know what we were unable to do and give you suggestions to help the situation. We will attempt to perform the service each time we see your pet as it is part of our price, but will not sacrifice the pet's comfort and well being to get it done. Also, all prices on the website are BEFORE tax. Sales tax in Collin county is 8.25%

Why do you price the way you do?

What is included in your prices?


Please read the                         tab to answer your questions.

What is included in your prices?

Can I watch you groom my pet?


We know you are worried about your fur baby, or maybe you are just intrigued by what goes on, but for insurance purposes we cannot allow you to be in the van while a session is in progress. You are more than welcome to come see it before we begin. We'd be happy to explain the process as well.

Another crucial reason we cannot allow you inside while taking care of your baby is because pets get very happy when they see their pet parents. Thus making them not pay attention to us when we need them too. Working with sharp tools and wiggly little bodies is very dangerous. We want to avoid as many distractions as possible to prevent this. Plus, nobody enjoys having someone watch over their shoulder while they work, it can be very stressful. If we are working on your pet and you need to get ahold of us for some reason, please text or call. Please avoid knocking on the door if at all possible so you do not startle your groomer or your pet.

Can I watch you groom my pet?

Are current vaccinations required?


Yes! For our safety, we require your pet to be vaccinated with just the rabies vaccine at least 2 days prior to your appointment to allow the shot to become effective. This is both Pet's Envy's policy and Texas State Law. 


PLEASE READ THE                                     

Are current vaccinations required?

Should I tip my mobile groomer?


As with any service, tips are greatly appreciated. A nice review or a good referral are excellent tips in my opinion as well.

Should I tip my mobile groomer?

Do you offer any discounts? Mobile grooming seems so expensive. I don't know if I can afford the recommended 4-8 week schedule. 


We offer $10 off to current or retired military or law enforcement personnel. A VALID ID or badge must be presented at the time of service by the holder. The military or law enforcement individual must reside in the household.  

For non military or law enforcement individuals, unfortunately, no. This is a very demanding business and even though you may have two dogs at one house that still means two entire dogs that need to be completely bathed and groomed. It is wear and tear on our equipment which has to be maintained frequently the more it is used, and it still takes time to groom each pet. With proper routing for our appts, we do not save much in gas staying at one house for multiple dogs.




Do you offer any discounts?

How do you schedule appointments?


Please text. You may of course call and leave a voicemail, but all messages will be responded to via text. Megan is the one who makes all new appts so please allow at least 3 days for a response. We operate 4 days per week. Inquiries may be returned on the weekend if possible, but there is no guarantee.  When leaving any sort of message (written or voicemail) please state at least the necessary information; address, TEXTABLE phone number (IMPORTANT), and breed of pet. We do NOT service apartment complexes, hotels, senior facilities, or temporary living.




How do you schedule appointments?


What is your service area?


We Mainly service Allen and Mckinney. We each have our own specific service areas that are too complex to put on a website. Please inquire if we service your area. Also, there are some clients who have been grandfathered in from when we serviced other areas. From time to time we will be in unexpected areas, but this is for those special circumstances. 

Due mostly to parking difficulties and unavailable power outlets if our generators fail, we do NOT service apartment complexes, hotels, senior facilities, or temporary living.

What is your service area?

How long does the process take?


You can expect us to be at your house for about 1-2.5 hours per pet. Every pet is different, and every appointment is different. We work with live animals, and they can be very unpredictable sometimes. Multiple pet households will take longer.

How long does the process take?

What if my pet has lots of tangles?


Please refer to the

What if my pet has lots of tangles?

Do you use my electricity and water?


Nope! We have generators in the back of the vans that power everything, and our 50 gallon water tank reserves hold enough to get us through the day.

Only in an unfortunate event such as the generator not working would we consider asking if we could plug in to your house. Or if we happen to run out of clean water. Rest assured though, if we have to use either electric or water, the amount we use is very minimal.


Do you use my electricity and water?

Do you use hot or cold water?


Neither. We use warm water, never hot and never cold. We do not like cold showers so do not expect for the pets to either. Warm water helps open hair follicles which in turn helps deshed your pup bettter. We have water heaters for those cold winter days.

Do you use hot or cold water?

Where does the dirty water go?


We have what is called a gray water tank. This holds all of the dirty water. It is simply emptied every evening.

Where does the dirty water go?

How often should my pet be groomed?


We ask that all of our clients keep a 4 or 8 week schedule. Every pet is different. We will talk about what sort of time frame is recommend to keep your specific pet in great shape. All Doodle clients are required to keep on a 4 week schedule. If it is determined by us that the dog does not need to be groomed that often then we will certainly discuss this with you. 

how often should my pet be groomed?

What if I have my own shampoo or a vet prescribed one?


We'd be more than happy to use any shampoo for your pet as long as it is specifically for pets. We will not use human shampoos for pets. The shampoo must be in its original container so the directions can be followed properly and use it how it is meant. We will still only use hypo-allergenic tear-less shampoo on their head. Also, any cat shampoo you give MUST say it may be used on cats. Cats are very sensitive, and we do not want to use the wrong type of product on them.

Also remember, we use high quality, all natural, biodegradable shampoos so most of the stuff you would buy at the store is not as good as what we have. There is no charge for special shampoos other then flea and tick (because that's a matter of making sure they are dead and cleaning up after to prevent infestations). We assess skin and coat and use what we feel is best for each pet.

What if I have my own shampoo or a vet prescribed

Why do you list your prices on your website when others don't?


We have nothing to hide. Our prices are simple to understand for everyone. We would rather you have an IDEA of what our service will cost you. Prices may vary per situation due to pet's breed, coat conditions, and temperament.

Why do you list your prices on your website when o

Why don't you ever answer your phone?


I know it may seem this way, but I am only one person. I (Megan) am the only one that answers calls. We promise each customer one on one attention. If I am answering the phone while with another client then that takes away from their time and can be distracting. I want to stay focused on what I am doing. I will return inquiries as soon as possible, but sometimes it may take a few days. I work very late sometimes and also have a family to spend time with. ALL INQUIRIES WILL BE RETURNED VIA TEXT. This allows me to talk to many people at one time and helps me remember what I have or have not told people.

Why dont you ever answer you phone?

Do you charge sales tax?


Unfortunately, yes. The state requires us to collect sales tax. Sales tax for Collin County is 8.25%. 

Do you charge sales tax?

My dog has "papers," why am I being charged for a different breed?


While AKC has set a "standard" of how each breed should look and act, the true reality is that many of our pets are not what AKC would refer to as "show quality." This only means that some times they are a little too small, sometimes they are a little big for their breed, sometimes they do not have the same coat type for whatever reason, and then some dogs are truly mixed breed dogs. Our pricing follows the AKC standard because it is the simplest way to compare each individual pet. If your pet is put under a different breed in our system, it does not mean we do not believe you have that breed of pet, it only means that the characteristics of your pet more closely follow a different breed's typical appearance. Mixed breed dogs (such as Goldendoodles, Maltipoos, Cockapoos, etc...) are not yet recognized by the AKC, thus there is no "standard" for them. We do, however, have a lot of experience with most of these mixed breeds and so have an accurate idea of what they typically look like. We do have a set price for some of these common mixed breeds.


Puppies are difficult to determine due to not knowing how their coat will turn out or their size. Any puppy's breed may change due to these factors, but we will sufficiently warn you of the change.   

My dog has papers, why am I being charged for a di

Why are cats priced the way they are?


Most cats, as you can probably imagine, are not very receptive to the grooming process. There is some inherant risk for the groomer.  We have a base starting price for cats which includes a shave down with a towel bath, nails clipped and ears cleaned. Most will not need a full bath.  The price goes up from there according to the amount of work that must be done (including but not limited to de-matting). Because bathing a cat is when we are most likely to be bitten or scratched, it costs more for this service. Due to the extreme sensitivity of cats, services such as tooth brushing, nailgrinding, and flea and tick treatments are not available.

Why are cats priced the way they are?

.What Forms of payment do you accept?


Payments are to be made by Credit/Debit card only. All major credit cards are accepted: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. This makes the handling of money by each groomer and bookkeeping much easier. We can also safely hold your Credit card information through Square if you would like, in the event you will not be home when we come to groom your baby. 

What forms of payment do you accept?

How is the schedule planned out?

We require all clients to be on regular recurring schedules of either 4 or 8 weeks. This means that appts are planned out for the year and will be consistent on a specific day and time every 4 or 8 weeks. We highly encourage anyone who cannot be home to leave a key or door code so we may still be able to take care of your baby while you are away. Changing appts is not easy since we only have so many days available and they are all strategically planned by area for maximum efficiency.


All Doodle clients are required to be on the 4 week schedule due to the difficult and unpredictable nature of Doodles' coats. Their coats have been known to change textures over time not only from puppy to adult, but also in later adult years. This can cause a lot of problems with matting, and often results in undesirable haircuts. To solve this we just keep them on more consistent schedules. 

Mathematically these to timeframes were the only logical options to be able to offer something other than a strict 6 weeks. 6 weeks is the average amount of time between grooming for dog but some people like more often and some like less often. A lot of planning goes into the schedules and this has helped to keep people in same areas on the same days so we don't drive to the same spot multiple times in one week, or even the same spot multiple weeks. Makes sense to have neighbors on the same schedule right? We have to enforce the 4 or 8 weeks because otherwise those same neighbors end up wanting different time frames because they have different breeds of dogs. 

The structured schedule also allows us to very easily see where we have openings for new clients. It is very easy to overbook when you just try to make everyone happy by choosing their own schedule. Mobile grooming is much different than a stationary salon because we can only physically do so  many dogs in one day with driving. So, we have have to maximize efficiency and route properly by planning each route.


It, also, allows us to be more reliable and consistent for everyone. We won't accidentally forget to book your next appt, or not be able to because you aren't home. You can set a recurring schedule in your calendar and know when your appts will be.


As I've stated previously, it is not easy to change appts due to each day being planned out and booked already. After all the goal of any business is to NOT have open gaps in the schedule! However we do know that stuff happens and we try to help as much as we can. Any changes are circumstantial though and the following appt will remain the same to keep on track. There may be days where we have to ask you to change the appt, but please keep in mind that this is inconvenient for us too. Those situations either mean we are working much later one day or working on our days off which no one wants to do. Also, each of us has about 200 clients on our client lists so keep in mind you are not likely the only person asking to move stuff around. We simply cannot always move things. This is why I keep the same groomer for each client. So you know who is coming to your house, the dogs know the groomer, and you can feel a little more at ease to leave a key or door code. Everything is meant for convenience, ease, efficiency, and consistency. 

If your question was not answered, then please feel free to text or email me. You might just even see the question come up on the FAQ. THANK YOU!

      Pet's Envy Mobile Pet Spa


Tuesday- Friday


Holiday hours may vary

TEXT: 972-957-7387

*Servicing City of Allen, TX and contiguous areas. 

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