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This baby was very dirty! He loves to play and get as dirty as possible. 

Breed: Labradoodle

Body length: 0 guard all over

Head: Chin short, ear trimmed and head scissored

Shampoo: whitening and conditioner

I do not have a before picture of this gorgeous girl, but this is a pretty good visual of a cocker cut. (She wiggles a lot so her pattern isn't perfect).

Breed: American Cocker Spaniel

Body: #7 on back, legs and skirt hand scissored

Head: Crown in top of head, ears were left alone, face is shaved w/ #10

Shampoo: Oatmeal and Conditioner



As you can probably tell, this kitty is not thrilled about getting a bath, but this is a good example of how a short haired cat looks shaved down.

Breed: Short haired cat

Body:#10 allover

Head: Blended at the head and cheeks scissored up

Tail: Left alone

This before and after shows how wonderful deshedding treatments work. She was only lightly scissored to tighten up her overall look. Notice how shiny her coat is after the dense undercoat was removed.

Breed: Long Haired Akita

Body: Deshedding treatment and excellent brushout, lightly scissored

Head: Lighly scissored to make even

Paws: trimmed neatly

Here is another example of a shaved down kitty. He is very old. Older cats are hard to make smooth because of the loose skin. He is a sweetheart though.

Breed: Longhaired cat

Body: #10 all over 

Legs: Left alone

Head: blended as much as possible


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